3AM Eternal: Wings “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (1972)

Whether it was out of spite, out of stoned hilarity, or out of pure innocence, Wings‘ second single, released in 1972, was a cover of the children’s song “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” It stunned, shocked, and confounded fans and critics alike. Of course, that might very well have been the point; the band’s debut single, “Hi, Hi, Hi,” had been banned for its potential referencing to drug use. So perhaps that’s why this song appeared; after all, Paul McCartney often had fun confounding his audience, and this is no exception. We will leave it up to you, dear Recoup reader, to make your own judgment call on this song.

It’s also worth noting that the B-side to this perplexing release, “Little Woman Love,” just happened to be one of McCartney’s best songs of all time. Funny how things work out that way….

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