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3AM Eternal: Paul McCartney “Press” (1986)

A fun little ditty from 1986, from an overlooked era desperately in need of critical reevaluation. Ace video, too!

3AM Eternal: Paul McCartney, “One And One Is Two” (1964)

What this rough-sounding demo lacks in audio fidelity, it makes up in charm; one of Paul’s lesser-known numbers from their given-to-others pile of songs.

3AM Eternal: Wings, “Getting Closer” (1979)

One of Wings’ final singles, taken from the doomed Back To The Egg, was one of the band’s finest numbers.

3AM Eternal: McGough & McGear, “Mr. Tickle” (1968)

We’re back! Our dormant daily feature is back, and this time, we’re paying tribute to Paul McCartney and his music. First up…an interesting little number, which leads us into today’s big feature…

3AM Eternal: Brandston/Camber Split (2003)

Part of the label’s split-single series, this set offers up three great songs from Camber, and one from Brandston.

3AM Eternal: Sister Rosetta Tharpe “This Train” (Date Unknown)

A fine Gospel number for this Sunday morning courtesy of the Godmother of Rock and Roll. Enjoy it! (i know you will.)

3AM Eternal: Paul McCartney & Wings “Silly Love Songs” (1976)

It isn’t silly…no it isn’t silly…love isn’t silly at all!

3AM Eternal: The Afghan Whigs “Black Love” (1996)

This month, we’ll be exploring the wonderful artistry that Black culture has given us, as well as some excellent love songs as well!

3AM Eternal: The Fat Boys featuring The Beach Boys “Wipe Out” (1987)

You’re either going to love it or hate it. And I happen to love it.

3AM Eternal: Brian Wilson “Smart Girls” (1989)

…I got nothin’.