3AM Eternal: Jawbreaker “Fireman” (1995)

It’s still hard to fathom the utter hatred shown to California punk rock trio Jawbreaker when they released major label debut (and swansong) Dear You. Though it is now hailed as a pop-punk/emo classic, it sure wasn’t considered that at the time! Cries of ‘sellout’ rang loud and clear throughout their fanbase; the album didn’t sell, people were vocal in their animosity, and it was a sad end to a great band. Yet its reception isn’t really the cause of their demise; leader Blake Schwarzenbach said that they signed simply to try something new, to avoid breaking up in the first place. And, truth be told, Dear You is a great record; considering how pop-punk and punk would soon adopt this sound. Lead single “Fireman” was great, too.

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