3AM Eternal: Tripping Daisy “My Umbrella” (1992)

Ah, Tripping Daisy, one of the finest and underrated bands from the whole “Alternative Rock” movement of the 1990s. They hit it out of the ballpark locally with their first album, Bill; scored an international hit in 1995 with “I Got A Girl,” made a classic that nobody heard with 1998’s Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb, and then sadly came to an unceremonious end 1999 with the death of founding member and guitar god Wes Berggren. But they were never anything less than a lot of fun, as their videos and their live shows would attest, thanks in part to the talented goofball frontman Tim DeLaughter, who would, over time, become a very fine musician and artistic visionary–starting with Atom Bomb and then moving on with his post-Tripping Daisy groups The Polyphonic Spree and Preteen Zenith--both of which are still active, still going, and who will be offering new material in the next year. “My Umbrella” kicked off their debut album, Bill, and the video was a mix of trippy psychedelic images and four young dudes having the time of their life.

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