3AM Eternal: The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience “I Like Rain” (1986)

There’s something most¬†charming about the video above, taken from New Zealand indie-pop band The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience’s debut album, Love Songs. It’s a silly, homemade affair, which suits the chirpy melody and innocent vibe that radiates from the song. The song was released as a stand-alone single in 1987, and served as a wonderful introduction to a wider worldwide audience. They are a band due for a revival–and thankfully, one is forthcoming, with a major reissue campaign this year coming via Fire Recordsand it’s no surprise that this song serves as the title for that collection.

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  1. I have been a happy owner of the Love Songs LP since some time around 1988. It definitely deserves a reissue. I’ll keep em peeled for the box set.

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