Tag: April Rain

3AM Eternal: Yanni “The Rain Must Fall” (1988)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration into the world of songs about rain!

3AM Eternal: (The Real) Tuesday Weld “I Love The Rain” (2001)

A breezy modern indie-pop song tempered nicely with a retro-jazz style, it’s The Real Tuesday Weld!

3AM Eternal: The Clientele “Monday’s Rain” (1999)

A dreamy b-side still evokes powerful memories to yours truly.

3AM Eternal: Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band “Watching The Rain” (2009)

A very sublime moment of electronica bliss, courtesy of the legendary and lovely Yoko Ono.

3AM Eternal: The Jesus and Mary Chain “Happy When It Rains” (1987)

The noise-and-feedback-loving Jesus and Mary Chain’s switch towards the melodic and melancholic resulted in this lovely single from 1987.

3AM Eternal: Eddie Rabbitt “I Love A Rainy Night” (1980)

A fun, catchy little number that burned up the radio with its catchy melody and singalong chorus.

3AM Eternal: The Alarm “Rain In The Summertime” (1987)

Welsh rockers The Alarm broke onto American radio thanks to an anthemic song that recalls U2.

3AM Eternal: Keith Whitley “I’m No Stranger To The Rain” (1989)

The final lifetime hit of a young country star whose untimely death proved to be a massive loss to the music world, and who undeservedly has slipped into obscurity.

3AM Eternal: The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience “I Like Rain” (1986)

A charming little video for a wonderful little indie-pop song from New Zealand, it’s also a nice taste for the band’s forthcoming comprehensive reissue series.

3AM Eternal: Alien Sex Fiend “April Showers” (1986)

Unclassifiable yet impeccably performed post-punk/goth/noise freakout. Enjoy!