3AM Eternal: The Clientele “Monday’s Rain” (1999)

Thanks to the painful ending of a relationship, I was introduced to the music of The Clientele. This was the first single I got in the mail, and while I loved the A-side, it was the dreamy, melancholy b-side that really made an impression on me. Alasdair Maclean‘s pained, woozy singing was intoxicating to listen to, and in its way, it was reassuring, hopeful, real. 

I still find it hard to listen to this era of The Clientele. Merge Records‘ reissue of debut album/singles comp Suburban Light that came out last year–I couldn’t listen to some of the songs without the ol’ eyes watering up, memories of things and people and heartbreak and disappointments conjured up with each measure…

…but I still appreciate them, and consider them some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, even if I can’t always listen to them…

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