Tag: April Rain

3AM Eternal: Simon & Garfunkel “Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall” (1966)

A very quick, very succinct, and very lovely little ditty tucked away as the B-side of one of folk rock’s most enduring duo.

3AM Eternal: The Jasmine Minks “I Heard ‘I Wish It Would Rain'” (2002)

A wonderful ballad from a veteran indiepop band’s unreleased opus, and featuring Pam Berry!

3AM Eternal: Scott Walker “It’s Raining Today” (1969)

The opening song to eccentric pop artist Scott Walker’s third album is also one of his finest, most sublime pop compositions.

3 AM Eternal: Eruption “I Can’t Stand The Rain” (1977)

An excellent disco update of a contemporary soul number.

3AM Eternal: Travis “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” (1999)

Post-Radiohead stadium anthemic Britpop for the perpetually depressed, moody, teenaged, and misunderstood, appealing to turtleneck-wearing clove-smokers and football goons alike!

3AM Eternal: The Flaming Lips “Five Stop Mother Superior Rain” (1990)

A fine little psych-rock ditty that certainly feels like something holy.

3AM Eternal: UB40 “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” (1980)

This b-side from British reggae band UB40’s second single is a lovely reworking of a Randy Newman classic.

3AM Eternal: The Cascades “Rhythm of the Rain” (1962)

This is one of the finest pre-British Invasion songs we know, a delight of harmony and melody…and a bonus cover version to illustrate how the song lives on fifty years later.

3 AM Eternal: Buddy White & The Impellas “Rainy Season” (???)

Absolutely no information can be found on this mystery song, but no matter; it’s still a fun slice of early 1960s pop.

3AM Eternal: BeBe Winans “In The Midst Of The Rain” (1997)

Is this a slow-jam love song about that special someone, or is it a deeply meaningful praise song to God? You decide.