3AM Eternal: Scott Walker “It’s Raining Today” (1969)

“It’s Raining Today” is one of the most moving ballads in eccentric pop singer Scott Walker’s career–one that runs the gamut of British Invasion pop, English translations of odd songs by Jacques Brel, lushly-arranged ballads pinned by the man himself, and haunting neo-classical and doom metal opuses that defy easy categorization.

This song, however, is quite easy on the ears. A dreamy, hushed ballad, with understated orchestration and gossamer-like twinkles that deftly helps to place Walker’s beautiful and melancholy tale behind the┬árain-soaked window he is describing. It’s a beautiful image, the masterful work of a true poet. The song also served as the title to a 1996 greatest hits record that served to introduce Walker to a younger generation.

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