Tag: April Rain

3AM Eternal: Oran “Juice” Jones “The Rain” (1986)

One of the funniest songs–and videos–from 1980s R&B, the sole hit by Oran “Juice” Jones is still a great little jam.

3 AM Eternal: The Judds “Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain” (1986)

A lovely little 1980s country-pop number from mother-daughter juggernaut The Judds.

3 AM Eternal: The Beatles “Rain” (1966)

What was regulated to b-side status was, in fact, a foreshadowing of sounds to come

3 AM Eternal: Corey Glover “April Rain” (1998)

This month, we look at rain songs. Songs about rain. The first track in this month’s theme is an interesting ballad from Living Colour frontman Corey Glover’s debut solo album.