3 AM Eternal: Eruption “I Can’t Stand The Rain” (1977)

“I Can’t Stand The Rain” was Ann Peebles‘ biggest hit, a scorching soul number that soared to the top of the charts in 1973; its international success guaranteed it a role in the R&B canon. While that version is lovely, yours truly first came to know the song via one of its many covers. In 1977, the song was covered by British soul group Eruption. This version updated the song, giving its melody a disco update that sounded great, and would itself be an international hit for the multicultural group, thanks in part to the seductive voice of lead singer¬†Precious Wilson.

As for Eruption, they were a talented group, but seemed to be cursed with bad luck. Wilson was actually the group’s second vocalist in two years, and she would soon leave the group. The lead singer role would rotate several times, thanks to internal struggles and even sudden death. Still, their remake of the song is a masterful take on a modern classic.

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