3AM Eternal: Tina Turner, “I Can’t Stand The Rain (Extended Remix)” (1984)

tina turner

In February, we highlighted British soul band Eruption’s version of Ann Peebles’ classic hit, “I Can’t Stand The Rain,”  which took a great song into an interesting direction. This version, however, takes it one further. Tina Turner’s big comeback, Private Dancer, contained a number of interesting cover versions, not the least of which is her take, which gives it a fresh, unique Soul/New Wave update. But it’s the remix where things get really funky. This version, however, recalls the deep underground sound of the Chicago dance world as defined by WaxTrax! records. While the vocals are the same on this and the album version, the backdrop is heavier, harder, and recalls Ministry and Front 242, taking the soul diva into another level of awesomeness.

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