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Song Of The Day: The Human League, “You Remind Me Of Gold”

Taken from the forthcoming UMe release, The Human League: A Very British Synthesizer Group.

Dusty Springfield: Reputation (Strike Force Entertainment)

Dusty Springfield’s comeback record was more of a bunt than a grand slam; partially produced and written by Pet Shop Boys, it’s an album that hints at the duo’s powerful production and compositional skills, and feels like a missed opportunity.

John Barry: John Barry Plays 007 & Other 60s Themes For Film, Television, and Radio (el Records)

John Barry was a masterful composer, and though this collection of his early years might only scratch the surface of his compositions during the early 1960s, it still shows the depth of the man’s talents.

Go West: Live Robin 2-2003 (Angel Air)

British duo Go West had a slew of hits in the 1980s, and this excellent reunion show from 2003 finds the band at their best.

The Valentines: The Sound Of The Valentines: Complete Recordings 1966-1970 (RPM/Cherry Red)

This little Australian pop band didn’t last very long, but released a half dozen fine singles, and would be the formative years of a man whose later (equally brief) musical career seems light years from these humble (and excellent) beginnings.

Betty Boo: Grrr! It’s Betty Boo (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Pop)

The sultry, sassy pop on Betty Boo’s sophomore album, Grrr! It’s Betty Boo was superior, intelligent dance pop that promised a great future for this young, talented woman. Shame it didn’t happen that way; still, this is a fine reminder of just how special Betty Boo was.

Ray Stevens: Face The Music: The Complete Monument Singles 1965-1970 (Ace Records)

Ray Stevens will always be known for his comedy records, but he used the opportunity of a new record deal as the chance to explore more serious fare, resulting in some excellent–if lesser known–music, and this compilation of his singles for the label shows him masterfully tackling more serious fare.

The Murmaids: A Few Of The Things We Love (Ace Records)

The story of early 60s girl group The Murmaids is a convoluted tale of music industry greed and abuse, but the sordid back story doesn’t cause a single blemish to the music they original group made–or the later incarnations with no actual founding members.

Modern Romance: Adventures In Clubland (Cherry Pop)

Two members of a short-lived but up-and-coming punk rock group ditched the punk rock and went straight for the jugular of Latin, Salsa and Rap, with a handful of hot dance singles. Adventures In Clubland, their debut, doesn’t quite capture that magic, but this expanded edition makes a case for their overall talent.

Julia Fordham: Julia Fordham (Cherry Pop)

Scottish jazz/pop vocalist Julia Fordham’s debut album was a strong, promising start to what has been a fruitful career. This deluxe version proves the point.