3AM Eternal: Fire Divine It’s All A Blur (2004)

At the time, I said:

<I>While their blend the loud screaming vocals with the soft,tender crooning might be a little too ’emo’, it still works quite well. “Clark and Rightwood” and “Reputation Outlives Application” are good examples of this; the guitars are loud, the emotions are on the sleeve, and everything just clicks. Thankfully, they don’t rely on this formula too much for the other two songs, and are willing to play around with what they’re doing. I’m most fond of “We Ride on Sunbeams,” because it just has that summertime vibe that I really like (note to joseph: well, DUH, the song’s called “We Ride on Sunbeams!). When they do the harmonies–you can hear ’em in the background just a little on “Sunbeams”–it sounds good…and hopefully they’ll do more of that on their upcoming full-length debut.</I>

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