Twilight Music: Mickey Hart “Island Groove” (1991)


Mickey Hart was the percussionist for The Grateful Dead, but he made a name for himself in World Music circles for his numerous excursions to the corners of the globe to explore and capture the percussive sound of Earth. His breakthrough came in 1991, with the widely-successful album Planet Drum. It is an unclassifiable album of sound; the “World Music” tag was in part borne from Hart’s groundbreaking work; in fact, his was the first album awarded a Grammy under the “World Music” category.

This number, “Island Groove,” is exactly that–a tropical groove that is as intoxicating as the rum concoction you surely can find there, but it’s mellow enough to serve as a wind-down to a long day. Hart has the ability to capture a sound and make it sound both instantly familiar and yet oddly alien.

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