3AM Eternal: Nervous Norvus, “Transfusion” (1956)

nervous norvus

“Transfusion,” by Nervous Norvus, is one of the legion of novelty records from the 1950s that lives on simply because of its absurdity. It’s about cools cat who wind up victims of car accidents, and are suffering from exsanguination as they lay in the emergency room. Are they dying? Are they reflecting on his treatment? Are they going to be okay? Those questions are never answered. The song is beloved for its use of beatnik slang: “pour the crimson in me, Jimson,” “slip the blood to me, Bud,” “pass the claret to me, Barrett.” It’s a funny song, but it’s a message song that masquerades as comedy. Furthermore, this little ditty was also banned by numerous radio stations, simply because it is a very graphic song. 

But the question is: “I’m never ever ever gonna speed again” a promise to straighten up, or is it the horrifying admission that their driving (and breathing) days are over? You make that call.

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