3AM Eternal: Deniece Williams, “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” (1984)


This song isn’t exactly one you’d associate with the Hallowe’en era. Believe me, though, for me, it most certainly is.

It is Spring Break, 1984. I am ten years old. Like many parents, they took this opportunity to schedule routine doctor’s visits for me and my sister. After the visit, they decided to take us to the movies, and the film we all agreed on was Splash. So we go in, and as we do, I notice a diorama of two mannequins of young boys dressed in bizarre Amish-like clothing and holding machetes and scythes over an adult mannequin. It was creepy and weird and i didn’t know what to think of it, so I didn’t think of it. We gather in our seats, and the previews begin. First up is a trailer for the then-released smash hit, Footloose. I knew it well. The soundtrack—all the cool kids had it at my middle school. I didn’t…yet. This particular trailer was followed by an advertisement for the soundtrack album, which highlighted this bouncy pop tune, a deserved hit for Deniece Williams.

The commercial faded to black, and then suddenly, without warning, a blood red screen appeared, and what followed for the next minute and a half was nothing short of terrifying for the ten year old me:


It all made sense. Now i understood that creepy-as-hell display in the lobby. I didn’t sleep that night. It didn’t stop there. Every time “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” would come on the radio, my mind would instantly flash back to the terrifying bit of film I had seen days, weeks, months before, and the experience always left me a little disturbed.

I finally broke down and saw the film in high school. God, what a stupid movie that was.

Even now, whenever I hear this song, I shudder in fear.

Some memories, they are never going to leave you….

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