The Recoup: State Of The Union Update!


Greetings and Salutations!

I thought I’d take a moment out of our busy publishing schedule to catch you up on a few things, and bring some things to your attention. I want to thank you for your vigilance and devotion to The Recoup. We’ve been growing steadily each and every day, and we just wanted to say thanks. We wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you. (Actually, we would, but that’s just the sort of thing one says, I suppose.)

First off, we have set up a Patreon campaign. With our recent and somewhat rapid growth, we have to be realistic about our needs, and we do have needs. We want to build on this growth, but we need your help to do so. We’re committed to being reader-supported, because we know that you, dear reader, Patreon is a different kind of crowdfunding website; it is set up as monthly payments, not pay-as-you-receive, which is an extremely helpful way of doing business. All donations are charged at the beginning of the month, and we have a series of rewards based on your donation—from a copy of the first edition of the print ‘zine, to monthly gift packages of various sizes—some of which are limited in nature, so act fast! We’ve already met two of our goals; our third immediate goal is to make it to a hundred dollars a month, and we would love to be able to meet that goal by the end of October!

Secondly, I am semi-involved in a new project called Rejected Unknown. This is a publishing house established by legendary rock journalist Everett True. Its genesis comes from the puzzling rejection of a very masterful pitch to the 33 1/3 album biography series in regards to Daniel Johnston’s Hi How Are You. Rejected Unknown’s first book, 101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear, is scheduled for the end of the year, and is currently being crowdsourced. Note: I have pitched an album for consideration, and though nothing is confirmed in terms of me being included in the anthology, it is still a noble endeavor worthy of mention. Please consider funding this project.

Next up is the fall/winter issue of The Big Takeover. It’s not quite ready for preorder yet, but I wanted to let you know that there is a great interview by yours truly with Grasshopper of Mercury Rev, talking about the band’s newest album, The Light In You, which is easily the second-best album of the year. (Sorry, no one is going to top Kamasi Washington’s The Epic, at least in my book!) Related to the print interview, please take a moment and check out the interview I did with Jonathan Donahue in 2011, which can be found online. (Part one and part two, respectively.) I mention this because the interview took place mere days before the incidents that are described in the current interview. Not sure when the new issue will be on the racks, but I will definitely let you know when it is ready to ship. Also, check out the current issue, which features my conversation with Frank Black (from whence this piece originated) and the second in my super-detailed, hilarious career-history interview with Kim Shattuck of The Muffs.  (Part one can be ordered here. Trust me, if you need a laugh, it’s totally worth it!)

Finally, if you don’t already, please follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook! We’ve recently started being more active on Twitter, so follow us today and get the latest scoop on things that strike my fancy!

As always, thank YOU for reading and visiting The Recoup! We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up in the future, so make sure and check us out every day!


Joseph Kyle, editor

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