3AM Eternal: Rainy Day, “Rainy Day, Dream Away” (1984)


Rainy Day was a one-off studio project that involved a handful of key members of the Paisley Underground scene, including members of The Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade, The Bangles, and The Three O’Clock. Their sole album, a self-titled affair, is a rare gem that is sought after by those in the know, commanding high prices and one that seems unlikely to be reissued any time soon. Rainy Day is a covers album of bands and artists who influenced the scene, from Neil Young, The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground, The Who, and Bob Dylan. The highlight of this amazing album is this cover of Jimi Hendrix’s funky “Rainy Day, Dream Away,” extended here to an eleven minute funky psych-rock jam, sung by The Three O’Clock’s Michael Quercio that serves the original quite well.

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