3AM Eternal: Mary Lou Lord, “Camden Town Rain” (1993)


Of all the sad, melancholy love songs featured this month, this is perhaps the saddest. Mary Lou Lord had a brief but intense romance with Kurt Cobain, and was unceremoniously dumped  in favor of Courtney Love—and on national television, no less. “Camden Town Rain” is about that time in her life, told through references that are none-too-subtle: “she’s pretty on the inside,” “she’s got a whole whole lot of heart,” sung with a plaintive, resigned, and sad voice that make you feel her pain, and the last line of the final verse, “well keep in mind from time to time i’ll always think the world of you,” will instantly start the waterworks. The song ends abruptly, with her quickly slapping off the tape recorder. It’s a painful record, because it’s a real display of emotions that cannot be denied.

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