The Recoup Sunday Afternoon Variety Hour, Episode 4: Dumb Apps and Self-Forgiveness (A True Tale)


Last week, I had a really bad day. Technical difficulties befell me after conducting an awesome interview that was to be broadcast here. While the specifics of what happened aren’t important–I felt somewhat torn between feelings of anger and stupidity. Mad at technology for failing, mad at myself for no good reason, and feeling dumb in general as a result of it.

I told myself I would allow myself the afternoon to be mad/self-hating/whatever, and that by bedtime I would feel okay, and that the next day, I would wake up rested, feeling better about myself, and move on from this incident. Happy to report that although that though it didn’t happen as quickly as easily as that, I am feeling a bit better now. I owe that in part to turning to music to talk to myself and reassure myself through song that hey, it’s all okay.

I really dug my playlist, and realized I needed to share it. So, please, if you’re having a frustrating day…listen up, it’ll get better..


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