The Jaywalker

the jaywalker

The Jaywalker
Lisa Carver & Dame Darcy


We’re big fans of Lisa Carver; we’ve been readers for years, we’ve lovingly written about her work, and we are deeply honored to have had write a number of things for us, which you can check out here. Her latest offering, The Jaywalker, is an exciting and excitingly different turn of Ms. Carver’s warped yet entertaining muse. It also marks a reunion with one of her Rollerderby collaborators and conspirators, Dame Darcy, who provides illustrations to Carver’s tall tales. 

The Jaywalker is fiction, partial truth, and downright surrealism. There’s an underlying narrative theme in here, but it’s so deeply buried that you shouldn’t even bother to try and find it, much less interpret it. If The Jaywalker is to be codified, it’s that it is a collection of thoughts, vignettes, and ideas half-baked, over-baked, or ready to be baked by Carver’s creative fire. The Jaywalker also contains some truly disturbing and disgusting imagery (think maggots and body worms, but friendly and harmless) that might throw off (and up) some readers. I won’t lie; there were moments where I felt I was going to puke!

Then there are funny stories, too, that make you forget the sickness you just read, I didn’t, though, because there’s way too much funny stuff here to be too grossed out. As each vignette can run from a line to a page in length, you won’t get bored or gored by the intensely quick succession of stories and quips and anecdotes. If you remember Rollerderby, you’ll remember how Lisa and friends would always have a page or two of non sequiturs. The book is full of ‘em, and with Dame Darcy’s wonderful illustrations, this feels as close to a Rollerderby reunion as we’re likely to see. So all in all The Jaywalker is a disturbingly twisted fairground freak-house funhouse water ride of a read that once you pick it up after tossing across the room in pure revulsion, you won’t want to put it down! 

Oh, and by the way—they’re touring behind The Jaywalker, too—and if you know of the infamous Lisa Carver/Suckdog tours, this will be one event you’re sure to not want to miss! Go like the book’s Facebook page so that you won’t miss the shenanigans when they come to your town!!!!! 

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