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Billie Holiday: The Last Interview And Other Conversations (Melville House)

Lisa Carver delves into the latest in Melville House’s fantastic The Last Interview series, a rather short but absolutely compelling historical artifacts from the doomed jazz vocalist Billie Holiday.

Kathy Acker: The Last Interview And Other Conversations (Melville House)

We welcome back our correspondent Lisa Carver, who gives us a fantastic take on one of the latest in Melville House’s series, The Last Interview, this one dedicated to the words and thoughts of performance artist and writer Kathy Acker.

6/45: Gaunt, “Jim Motherfucker” c/w “Spine”

The 18th anniversary of a punk rocker’s tragic death causes us to wax philosophical on the very first single of his that I owned, as well as a recollection on how he helped to launch my online writing career.

3/45: Smog “A Hit” c/w “Wine Stained Lips”

In our continuing series examining classic 45 singles, we step back to 1994 an anthem for low self-esteem.

The Jaywalker

Writer and occasional Recoup contributor Lisa Carver has a delightfully disgusting new book out, and has reunited with her former Rollerderby cohort, Dame Darcy. Don’t miss this book!!!!!!

Sadie, Wolf, And Friends (Self-Published)

The wonderful weirdness of kids, as captured by our friend Lisa Carver. Laughs galore await you!

The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic (Featherproof Books)

Lisa Carver takes a look at the vital, compelling, and often funny compendium of Jessica Hopper’s writing.

Jessica Hopper: A Conversation With A Living Female Rock Critic

We have a long, enjoyable, enlightening chat with noted rock critic Jessica Hopper.

The New Bad Boys In Town: Tiger Moody and Hank Kirton

Lisa Carver examines some recent noir/pulp fiction titles from two literary bad boys who are writing about the darker things in life.

Lisa Carver: The Date Night Porter

Lisa Carver takes on several domination-themed artistic compositions from the past 120 years. Enjoy!