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Sunday Longform: I Wrote A Letter To A Wildflower

Inspired by the release of a lovely and fun cover of the late David Berman, we are inspired to take an afternoon’s trip into the ominous woods one must lurk through in the dark night of the soul.

Billie Holiday: The Last Interview And Other Conversations (Melville House)

Lisa Carver delves into the latest in Melville House’s fantastic The Last Interview series, a rather short but absolutely compelling historical artifacts from the doomed jazz vocalist Billie Holiday.

Kathy Acker: The Last Interview And Other Conversations (Melville House)

We welcome back our correspondent Lisa Carver, who gives us a fantastic take on one of the latest in Melville House’s series, The Last Interview, this one dedicated to the words and thoughts of performance artist and writer Kathy Acker.

6/45: Gaunt, “Jim Motherfucker” c/w “Spine”

The 18th anniversary of a punk rocker’s tragic death causes us to wax philosophical on the very first single of his that I owned, as well as a recollection on how he helped to launch my online writing career.

3/45: Smog “A Hit” c/w “Wine Stained Lips”

In our continuing series examining classic 45 singles, we step back to 1994 an anthem for low self-esteem.

The Jaywalker

Writer and occasional Recoup contributor Lisa Carver has a delightfully disgusting new book out, and has reunited with her former Rollerderby cohort, Dame Darcy. Don’t miss this book!!!!!!

Sadie, Wolf, And Friends (Self-Published)

The wonderful weirdness of kids, as captured by our friend Lisa Carver. Laughs galore await you!

The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic (Featherproof Books)

Lisa Carver takes a look at the vital, compelling, and often funny compendium of Jessica Hopper’s writing.

Jessica Hopper: A Conversation With A Living Female Rock Critic

We have a long, enjoyable, enlightening chat with noted rock critic Jessica Hopper.

The New Bad Boys In Town: Tiger Moody and Hank Kirton

Lisa Carver examines some recent noir/pulp fiction titles from two literary bad boys who are writing about the darker things in life.