Song Of The Day: The Apples In Stereo, “Glowworm”


While we’re not vinyl fetishists here at The Recoup, we do recognize a great deal that ¬†should not be passed up. The Apples In Stereo were one of the founding bands of the legendary Elephant 6 collective, and in their prime, they were a charming, shambolic band lo-fi bubblegum pop band–and proud of it, too. Chunklet Industries has taken it upon themselves to release the band’s essential early years compilation Science Faire as a box set of three seven inch singles, reproducing the art of the original three singles that the album compiled. Also included are some goodies, and some limited edition packages with even more bonus gifts, such as a t-shirt, flyers, catalogues, and more. The set isn’t due until December 14th, but here’s a song that’s my favorite from the album and easily one of my favorite Apples songs, period.

Science Faire will be released 14 December 2016 via Chunklet Industries.

Preorder: Chunklet Industries

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