Song Of The Day: The Who, “My Generation”


It was the song that changed things. It was the anthem of a new generation, a new rock and roll generation, one that soaked up the inspirations of the past and created something wholly new, completely harder and much more nihilistic than anything previous. “Maximum R&B” is what The Who labeled it. “My Generation,” whose lyrics decried “Hope I die before I get old,” is now half a century old, but it is truly timeless. UMe had compiled the most comprehensive box set of the band’s debut album, My Generation, featuring mixes of the original album in mono and stereo, plus two discs of outtakes and alternate mixes (containing material previously released digitally but not physically), and a fifth disc of demos. It’s a cornucopia of pure rock and roll, but it’s that title track that still burns bright.

The digital edition is available now; the phsysical edition of My Generation: Super Deluxe Edition will be released 9 December 2016 via UMe

Physical Preorder: Amazon 
Digital: Amazon

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