Song Of The Day: Joey Casio, “Now”


We were stunned and saddened to learn that California-based New Wave and Synth master Joey Casio was killed in the tragic Oakland Ghostship collective fire (EDIT: is still reported as missing according to police updates, and not among the victims as of now, as was erroneously reported)that occurred Friday night. We came to know him and love him via his four singles on K Records; all four were stunning, exciting slabs of modern-minded futuristic retro-pop that simply demanded our feet to move to the rhythm, irrespective of whether we wanted to or not. But he also recorded a number of songs that were released here and there online, hidden away in plain sight on Youtube and elsewhere, nuggets that were well worth seeking out. “Now” is one such number. Joey Casio’s talents were indisputable; he shall be greatly missed.


K Records has set up a donation: purchase three of his singles and they will donate all proceeds to Ghostship Fire Relief Fund.


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