Song Of The Day: Wreckless Eric, “Semaphore Signals”


One of the more understated artists from the first wave of British Punk Rock was Eric Goulden, better known as Wreckless Eric. His debut single for Stiff Records, “Whole Wide World,” was an anthemic number about a down-on-his-luck fella looking for love. It was a superb single with which to launch a career. “Semaphore Signals” was the b-side, and is itself a classic number that continues the theme of long-distance love; for this, he’s found his love and in an oddly prophetic manner is sending his affections via electronic communication.

On January 13th, ¬†Edsel Records will be reissuing Wreckless Eric’s first three solo albums as standalone CD’s, each replete with bonus tracks of b-sides and live recordings; “Semaphore Signals” is a bonus track from Wreckless Eric’s seminal self-titled 1978 debut album.

Preorder: Amazon / Edsel Records

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