Song Of The Day: The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Get On Home”

It’s been two decades coming, but The Jesus and Mary Chain have returned, and they’ve returned in fine, fine form. Sure, they reunited several years ago, but mainly as a live band; Damage And Joy is their first full-length since 1998’s erstwhile finale, Munki. Brothers William and Jim Reid have settled their differences and have come together to make one of their finest records to date. For this listener, the highlight is definitely “Get On Home,” which is vintage JaMC. Singing about rock and roll? Check. Sexual innuendo and superb double entendre? Yup, it’s there, too. Feedback? Plenty. The rest of the album is great, features some wonderful rock, a few ballads, a number of duets with various female singers (Isobel Campbell and Sky Ferreira), and the utter, utter coolness that is the band’s greatest gift. Damage And Joy is a fantastic, wonderful return.

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