Song Of The Day: The Peacers, “Haptic Chillweed”


The Peacers appeared in 2015 and while in their ranks was the talented Ty Segall, it was unfair to the rest of the band that Segall be seen as the focal point of the group. Well, it’s 2017, Segall’s gone, but don’t fret,  it’s okay, they love their former bandmate, but Mike Donovan is in control, and it’s all about the love, baby! Former Sic Alps man Mike D is a man who could write a lovely lo-fi tune that would make Bob Pollard belch out a just-woke-up-at-4-PM-with-a-killer-hangover nonverbal grunt of approval at what he half consciously thinks is the best Tobin Sprout song he’s ever heard. But Donovan is no slacker; instead, he is making sweet music for the lo-fi folks who like to get up in the morning, go to work, and hold down steady jobs where they soundtrack their lives via Spotify and NPR. Hyperbole? Total bullshit on my part? Column A/Column B, my friend…but the fact remains, “Haptic Chillweed” is…just that; “haptic” meaning related to the sense of touch, “chill” meaning cool, and “weed’ meaning…well it’s 4/21 and I know damn well you know what that means. So put it all together and you get a song that touches you in a cool way that makes you think of weed.

And in these troubling times, just what the hell is wrong with that? Not a damn thing. Which is fine, because this is easily one of the prettiest lo-fi songs this ol’ farmboy ever done heard. Now watch the video–it is a thing of beauty, my friend, and I think you’ll love it–and go buy the record, entitled Introducing The Crimsmen, via Drag City, which will be out in June 16, 2017.

Preorder: Drag City

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