Song Of The Day: Alannah Myles, “Lover Of Mine”

Canadian rock vocalist Alannah Myles made an international splash with her 1990 hit single, “Black Velvet,” a moody, atmospheric hard blues-rock song inspired by Elvis Presley. Her self-titled debut album was one that hinted at much promise, an album with rock attitude and blues emotion, topped off by her powerful yet tender singing voice. However, oversaturation—and the rapidly changing musical landscape—resulted in her unfairly becoming regulated to one-hit wonder status. “Black Velvet” was a smash—and it earned her a Grammy. What’s forgotten is she did have other chart hits from said album, which is slated for reissue this week from Rock Candy Records. The third single, “Lover Of Mine,” was a major hit in Canada, but didn’t trouble the American charts. It’s a potent power ballad from a delightful and impressive debut album, and it’s a shame that her career didn’t take off as one might have expected.

Alannah Myles will be released Friday via Rock Candy Records.

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