Song Of The Day: The Dustbowl Revival (Featuring Keb’ Mo’), “Honey I Love You”

I had never heard of this California-based roots-rock ensemble, but having been given their most recent release, The Dustbowl Revival, I feel like I’ve been given entrée into a delightful new world, one where the sounds of Americana past meets up with contemporary music and has one roaring all-night dance party. I’m fond of “Leaving Time” and “If They Could See Me Now,” but I especially love the album’s single, “Honey I Love You,” which features legendary modern bluesman Keb’ Mo’. The video’s adorable as well, with a Mannequin-like vibe that’s cute, a little weird, and somehow feels oh-so fitting for the song. Looking for a little up-beat music for your summer nights? You can’t go wrong here, my friends…

The Dustbowl Revival is out now via Signature Sounds.

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