Song Of The Day: The Heavy Blinkers, “Try Telling That To My Baby”


Back in 2004, we were enraptured with Canadian Baroque-pop band The Heavy Blinkers, because they represented the best parts of the genre: big songs with gorgeous, lush arrangements and harmonies that were just oh-so sticky-sweet. Imagine the better part of late 60s-era Brian Wilson meeting Burt Bacharach and then blending with The Polyphonic Spree, and that meant it was true love forever for me and  The Night And I Are Still So Young.  Thirteen years later, the album’s getting its first proper vinyl release–about time! (And this coming from someone who is not enthralled with the vinyl resurgence!) Enjoy the trippy, surreal video for their psychedelic pop confection, “Try Telling That To My Baby.”

The Night And I Are Still So Young is available now via Label Obscura.

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