Song Of The Day: Cheer-Accident, “Salad Days”

Experimental rockers Cheer-Accident faced down the forthcoming Y2K by doing what they always did–exploring the nature of sound in a noisy, progressive way. Their first new record of the new millennium, Salad Days, was a noisy yet groove-laden affair, and this recent remaster offers the record in cleaner, pristine sound. The highlight was always the title track, an eighteen minute rocker that hid a rather nice melody and tender soundscape underneath its busy, crowded cacophony, a fitting coda to the end of one era and a foreshadowing of darker days to come. It’s amazing to listen to it now, seventeen years after its release, and hear a song so vital and so perfect for that era of great transition and change.

Salad Days: Remastered is available now via Skin Graft.

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