Song Of The Day: Trigal, “Temporal”

In the 70s, Spanish trio Trigal offered up some of the finest hybrid of traditional Spanish music and the contemporary sounds of disco, pop, and funk; their groove was enhanced by the drop-dead gorgeous Vicky Cabrera Valle‘s sexy crooning. Listening to their music some 40 years later, it’s not hard to get the image of the hedonistic Seventies, laden with coke, free love, and polyester, not a care in the world and no knowledge of the AIDS epidemic which lay ahead in the distance. “Temporal” is one of their best, taken from their 1977 album Baila La Rumba, and is a highlight of Pharaway Sounds‘ newly released collection, Baila Mi Rumba, which compiles the best of the lot.

Baila Mi Rumba is available now via Pharaway Sounds.

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