Song Of The Day: Charles Bradley & The Bullets, “Now That I’m Gone (Look How You’re Crying)”

The news, perhaps, wasn’t particularly surprising; that late bloomer soul man Charles Bradley had passed away from stomach cancer at the age of 68 serves a reminder that Soul men are mere mortals.  But though his life was long, his spot in the public eye was brief, and for those who were lucky enough to experience the man’s performance, they possess a rare jewel. He did not release his debut album until 2011, though a handful of singles–scorchers, every one of them–had appeared sporadically over the preceding decade. His 2004 side, “Now That I’m Gone (Look How You’re Crying),” may be a tale of a man getting out from under the thumb of an unloving woman, but the title seems oddly fitting, as the world mourns a man we hardly knew. RIP.

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