Song Of The Day: Brian Wilson, “Some Sweet Day”


A solo Brian Wilson best-of? As much as I love Brian’s work, it almost seems a bit humorous that his spotty solo career should be compiled in such a way. (It’s no surprise that his fine first solo album and his reimagining of Smile are heavily featured here.) But I’m not going to hate on him completely, because he can rally now and then and produce a great song. So I have to give him credit for “Some Sweet Day,” one of two unreleased tracks offered here. Taken from a disastrous series of sessions in the early 90s with Andy Paley (which you can read about here), it’s a highlight from a rather dismal set of songs; with a gospel edge and an intention of emulating the girl groups he was so fond of back in the day, it’s a rare glimpse of the genius that has long since dimmed.

Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology is available now from Rhino.

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