Song Of The Day: Sunflower Bean, “I Was A Fool”

We are big fans of New York dream-pop trio Sunflower Beanwho last year really impressed us with their fantastic debut album, Human Ceremony. Now, with news of a new label, and hot on the heels of a successful tour with The Pixies, the band’s released a brand new teaser for next year’s sophomore album. And talk about a great leap forward! While vocalist Julia Cumming’s singing is still gorgeous and heavenly, for new single “I Was A Fool” she and the band have eschewed their dream-pop edge, in favor of a slick, 70s LA country-rock style sound that recalls Fleetwood Mac and early Pretenders–with just a touch of Aimee Mann–and we are perfectly okay with this development; “I Was A Fool” is less dreamy as it is  Dreams-ish. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a duet, between her and guitarist Nick Kilven, adding to that Buckingham/Nicks vibe. Suffice to say that based on “I Was A Fool,”we’ll be waiting for album number two with very open arms.

“I Was A Fool” is available now from Mom & Pop Music.


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