Song Of The Day: Spaceheads, “To The Children Of A Wiser Day”

Whenever British duo Spaceheads release a new album, it’s always welcomed with excitement. The duo of Andy Diagram (trumpet) and Richard Harrison (percussion) make music that truly defies categorization; it’s a sound that’s rooted in jazz, experimental music, and electronica, but it holds no allegiance to any genre but its own. Their latest record, A New World In Our Hearts, is no exception, containing thirteen tracks of blissed-out, outer space jams that enthrall, hypnotize, and delight. But this album’s also a concept album, with each of the track’s thirteen songs dedicated to the political movements of both past and present–running from The Diggers to the modern protesters at Standing Rock. One such highlight is “To The Children Of A Wiser Day,” the title of which is taken from a Shelley poem that eulogized the victims of the Peterloo Massacre, which took place in Manchester in 1819 when protestors clashed with the military during protests about fair governmental representation. “To The Children Of.A Wiser Day” both musically and conceptually highlight an album of intriguing, thought-provoking political songs.

A New World In Our Hearts is available now from Spaceheads.

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