Song Of The Day: Joel Gion, “Divide”

Joel Gion is no stranger to us; we’ve loved his work with Brian Jonestown Massacre for decades, and we loved his previous solo releases, especially 2014’s Apple Bonkers, and we love Joel Gion, his newest album. We love it for one very particular reason—he’s taking some musical chances and indulging in some new directions. Sure, there are a few psych-rock jams, such as the driving album opener, “Zig Zag” and the raucous garage-rock of “Mercury In Retrograde.” Yet it’s Joel Gion’s softer, mellower side—which echo Mazzy Star and Stoned And Dethroned-era Jesus And Mary Chain—that we really fell for. We are especially in love with the tropical vibe of “Desire”—which we made our Song Of The Day after much deliberation—which finds him in a playful Bossa Nova mood, We didn’t make a Best Of 2017 list because there was simply too much good music to be had, but if we had, Joel Gion would have surely been on there.


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