The Recoup State Of The Nation



As you may be aware, two weeks ago I was in an accident that left me with a shattered humerus, one that required a titanium replacement,and as a result I have had some nerve damage that has significantly reduced the strength in my right hand. I’m right handed – – – see the problem?
Although my recovery is going to take months, I am committed to you, dear readers. So please bear with me as I get my bearings reset, and do my best to update on a regular basis. Believe me, it’s extremely frustrating and disheartening not being able to write or use my right hand, but I am determined not to let that stop me. Though I’ve never been comfortable with voice transcription programming, I am learning to set aside my qualms and reservations, and I think after some time I will grow more accustomed to using them to compose and update.

So I ask you to stick around, because I plan to do the same.

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