Song Of The Day: “The Palimpsest”

radio 3

As I have stated here before, I have been waylaid buy a serious injury and not able to do all that much. Having spent the first month watching lots of DVDs and movies, that activity quickly grew tiresome. So in order to seek out something new, I decided to spend some time listening to BBC Radio plays, and much to my delight I have found many enjoyable treats, and I am most happy to share them with you over the next few weeks.

The first one up is entitled “The Palimpsest.” It is a gritty, futuristic detective drama, said in the dystopian Manchester of the mid 21st-century. As the city is undergoing a lengthy drought, crime is running rampant, and a maniacal duo has used happenstance in an unlikely coincidence as their greatest weapon. Tune in to listen to one of the most intriguing radio plays you’ll ever hear, and enjoy the extra treat of hearing the legendary actor Danny John–Jules as an insane DJ/Reverend. (I would like to think that Craig Charles provided the remixes and music for the Reverend; alas, that was not the case.)

So kick back and enjoy this delightful and compelling drama!


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