Song Of The Day: “The Trade Of Man”

As I have stated here before, I have been waylaid buy a serious injury and not able to do all that much. Having spent the first month watching lots of DVDs and movies, that activity quickly grew tiresome. So in order to seek out something new, I decided to spend some time listening to BBC Radio plays, and much to my delight I have found many enjoyable treats, and I am most happy to share them with you over the next few weeks.

“The Trade Of Man” is a compelling drama set in 1984. Nearly 40 years after World War II ended, a war hero who is now a headmaster at a language school is stymied by the arrival I’m a German professor. Who is this man, what does he want, and why do old feelings suddenly reappear? The story will lead you down several twists and turns, drawing you in with it sophisticated drama. All is not what it seems, or so it seems…

So kick back and enjoy this delightful and compelling drama!

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