Song Of The Day: Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Remember Me This”

Like the rest of the world, I was absolutely saddened and stunned to hear the news of the death of Anthony Bourdain. He was truly a one-of-a-kind spirit, and his curious nature made for some compelling television. Though I don’t watch television, when I did, I never failed to miss an episode of Parts Unknown. Rarely did I not enjoy the experience; if anything, I always found myself wanting more. His respect and curiosity for the people and cultures he encountered never bordered on condescending; his approach revealed a fundamental curiosity that made every episode a rewarding experience. A rare breed; he can never be replaced.


One of his last forays was a visit to Berlin. While there, he paid a visit to Anton Newcombe‘s recording studio, we’re he was working on a new Brian Jonestown Massacre song. After the session, Newcombe prepared a feast of lamb for his band, family, and Bourdain. The song he was working on, “Remember Me This,” appeared not long after the taping, and with its catchy melody and hybrid of psychedelic rock and post-punk groove, it Is easily one of the band’s finest numbers to date. The episode appeared last night; check local listings for rebroadcasting.


If you’re feeling suicidal, never be afraid to reach out for help, as help is available 24/7 from a variety of sources.

Phone Number: 1-800-273-8255

Online Chat:

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