Song Of The Day: Peter Holsapple, “Don’t Ever Leave”

Surprisingly, it’s been two decades since beloved singer/songwriter Peter Holsapple last released a new album of original material, and Game Day is a fine return for one of America’s unsung national treasures. Mixing humor with pathos is his stock in trade, and this new material offers him in raw, almost minimalist accompaniment, giving his songs a potency like never before. This is best heard on the haunting “Don’t Ever Leave,” a beautiful and stark song about death. While the song is ostensibly about a partner or a parent, it soon becomes clear (at least in my humble interpretation) that the song is actually referencing beloved rock musicians, the influence they have on people, and how it is easy to take for granted that they will always be alive. It’s a powerful sentiment, and simply a beautiful song to boot. But then again, we would expect nothing less from Mr.¬†Holsapple.

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