Song Of The Day: Josh T. Pearson, “A Love Song (Set Me Straight)”

Man, for his newest album, someone must have suggested to former Lift To Experience frontman Josh T. Pearson that he should “make a straight record,” because that’s literally what he did. He shaved his head and facial hair, donned a nice white suit, and recorded an album of “straight” songs, I.E., all songs incorporate the word “straight.” Whoever suggested it should be thanked, because Pearson––a beloved Texas musician who has achieved legend status in Europe and a critical reputation spending two decades––is not exactly a prolific figure. When his records do come, however, they’re usually quite amazing, and The Straight Hits! is no exception. His latest single, “A Love Song (Set Me Straight),” it Is an amazing blend of psychedelic country and weird form of gospel that is all his own, delivered with one of the most angelic voices you’ll ever hear. The video for the single is a mini–drama romance film set in the wild flatlands of Mexico.

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