Song Of The Day: Longwave, “Stay With Me”

It is always nice when an underdog band makes a strong comeback, especially when it seemed as if they were destined to be forgotten. Such was the case of the New York dream pop band Longwave, a group that came together in the heady time before the “new rock” scene rose to prominence, but unfortunately got lost in the shuffle of a overhyped musical trend they never really belonged to in the first place. They quietly and unceremoniously disbanded a decade ago after releasing their fourth album, a band beloved by those who knew their name, if not by anybody else. Thus, when the news came out that they were reforming for some shows, those who stood by the little band grew excited at the prospect of a further reunion.

“Stay With Me,” the first fruit  from their return, clearly indicates they’ve lost no slack in the decade since they broke up. It’s the sort of driving modern rock number that would have gotten air play a decade ago, but instead exists in the ether of a world dominated by streaming, niche marketing, and specialized playlists. No matter, though; it is still a potent and powerful song no matter what format you listen to, and it shows that their decision to reunite and come back was a worthy one, and it whets the appetite for that comeback album…

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