Song Of The Day: Papercuts, “How To Quit Smoking”

We’ve been a fan of San Francisco musician Jason Quever‘s band Papercuts for many a moon; after happening upon his debut album Rejoicing Songs in 2001, we had intended to interview him for the unreleased third issue  of my zine Lois Is My Queen, but the issue never came together. Oh well. He’s been making records ever since, and though he was for a time aligned with the so-called “freak folk” movement, he’s always had an indie pop heart. Signing to Slumberland for his newest release, Parallel Universe Blues, seems almost the perfect relationship, as the album fits nicely between British pop groups such as Aztec Camera, Felt, The June Brides, and any number of wistful, intelligent pop groups of that era. Of course, I’m a huge fan of “How To Quit Smoking,” as I’ve always enjoyed the quitting smoking as breakup metaphor, for as an ex-smoker of two decades, I know just how hard that could be. The rest of the album is just as good, and it is a definite late in the year contender for tasteful end of year best of lists.


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