Song Of The Day: Coldplay, “Clocks”

Okay, so Coldplay are low hanging fruit for lazy music journalists wanting to seem edgy and hip. Not going to deny that Chris Martin and his band are easy targets for hatred and snobbery. But just as I’m not going to like something my friends like simply because they like it, I’m not going to dislike something because of cultural peer pressure, either. Admittedly I don’t keep up with them as much as I used to, but I do like their first few records and hits, and can’t deny that they are a hell of a live act. Their 2002 hit single, “Clocks,” was a slightly trippy piano-based number that gave Martin a chance to show off his falsetto. Yes it got overplayed, but that’s not necessarily the band’s fault. This version from the final show of their 2017 World tour, was recorded in Buenos Aires––and now released as a live album––is a rather straightforward version, no real variation in the arrangement, but is most definitely a crowd-pleaser.


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