Eric Dolphy: Live in Stockholm, Sweden

Eric Dolphy was a masterful jazz musician, but unfortunately was doomed to die young, passing away in 1964 at the too young age of 36, purportedly due to complications related to diabetes. Although he had come to prominence as a side man with such distinguished talents as Charles Mingus, Chico Hamilton, and John Coltrane, he would have less than four years as a bandleader. Yet in spite of his fate, he accomplished a lot in his limited time and has rightly become recognized as a brilliant performer. This live performance, recorded for Swedish television on September 5, 1961, demonstrates just how talented he was. As he switches between saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet, the music effortlessly splits the difference between stylistically complex and easy on the ears. One wonders what he might have accomplished had he had more time, but the brilliance that he did give the world is absolutely undeniable.…


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