Song Of The Day: Slum Summer, “Sing Sing In The Rain”

British ex-pat Hugh J Noble has been making music for some time now, both as a solo artist and with other bands, most notably The Wave Pictures. His new project, Slum Summer, offers up are unique and delightful take on 90s-era American music. A little Pavement here, a little Pixies there, with a pinch of Archers Of Loaf and Sebadoh thrown in more or less to taste. Noble has a gruff singing voice not unlike Mark E. Smith, which works well with the ramshackle back up. I’m particularly fond of “Sing Sing In The Rain,” with a fine rolling Kim Deal-like bass line that draws you in. ABABO is a fun debut album, and I have a feeling that they are a fun band to watch live as well.

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